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Individuals with advanced dementia are unable to voice their preferences for daily care. They depend on their loved ones to collaborate with healthcare providers in crafting personalized care plans. Discover how this program empowers you to be that crucial link.

ADVANCED-Comfort... a care philosophy dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with advanced dementia. Our goal is to promote evidence-based, personalized care that honors an individual's preferences and values. Everyone deserves care that respects their dignity and promotes comfort.

This program is designed to educate you about advanced dementia, empower you as a caregiver, and guide you in creating a 6M Care Plan that prioritizes comfort and quality of life.

Ruth Palan Lopez, PhD, GNP-BC

The 6M Care Plan

The 6M Care Plan is a personalized care plan that focuses on six essential areas to improve the comfort and quality of life for individuals with advanced dementia. The 6Ms stand for: 

  • What Matters

  • Meaningful Activities

  • Mealtime

  • Medications and Treatments

  • Mobility

  • Making Personal Care Comfortable

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