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For people living with advanced dementia
and those who assist and care for them. 

Supporting people in the later stages of dementia can be challenging. Find out how you can partner with healthcare providers to promote comfort and quality of life.

Older man and younger man

ADVANCED-Comfort is a care approach that aims to make life better for people with advanced dementia. We want to provide care that is based on evidence, personalized to each person's likes and values. Everyone should get care that honors their dignity, brings comfort, and improves their quality of life

This program will give you and your family or trusted group the knowledge about dementia, skills to work with healthcare providers, and the tools to create a Comfort-Focused Care Plan for people with advanced dementia.

Watch this introductory video to learn more.

People with advanced dementia may have trouble telling their healthcare providers what they need. This could be their preferred name, the food they like, or how they prefer to bathe. Understanding their likes and dislikes is really important for making sure they feel comfortable. Join me to learn about how you can share important information about the individual you care for with healthcare providers so that they can provide care that is personalized and promotes comfort. 


Ruth Palan Lopez, PhD
Gerontological Nurse Practitioner


Discover how you can be an active member of the care team and create comfort and quality of life for a loved one with advanced dementia. 

Explore these educational videos to understand dementia, become an active care partner, and master the 6M care plan for personalized comfort-focused care.

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