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The 6M Care Planning Workbook for Healthcare Providers

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Download the fillable 6M Care Plan here.
None of the data inputted on this care plan will be stored on this website.


Caring for a person with advanced dementia involves a deep understanding of their unique needs and preferences. This 6M Care Plan Workbook is a valuable tool to facilitate collaborative care planning. Please follow these steps:
Download and Review

Begin by downloading the 6M Care Plan Workbook. It is a fillable form. Please note that none of the information inputted on this form is saved on this website. It must be saved on your own device. 
Care Plan Meeting.

Organize a care plan meeting involving the family or care partners, and healthcare providers. During this meeting, discuss and complete the 6M Care Plan together. Encourage open communication to gain insights and preferences from the family.
Display for All.

After the care plan is filled out and with permission from the care partner, consider displaying it in a prominent location that is easily accessible to all caregivers and healthcare providers. This fosters a shared understanding of what matters most to the person with dementia and how to enhance their comfort. Use caution not to display personal health information such as diagnoses, test results, medications, or personal identifiers such as social security numbers or contact details. 
Periodic Updates.

 It's essential to periodically review and update the care plan to ensure it aligns with the person's evolving needs and desires.

Thank you for your commitment to delivering person-centered care and promoting the comfort and quality of life for individuals with advanced dementia. Collaborative care planning can make a significant difference in their well-being.

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