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The 6M Care Plan

Wheel displaying the 6Ms

Download the Care Plan to your own device, complete it, and save your personalized information.  None of the data you input on the form will be stored on this website.

Caring for a loved one with advanced dementia is a personal journey. This 6M Care Plan Workbook helps you provide the best possible care tailored to your loved one's unique needs and preferences. You can use this workbook to share information about your loved one, but don't worry if you leave some parts blank. You don't have to answer every question; it's your space to express what truly matters to you and your loved one. Feel free to skip any questions you're unsure about.

Collaboration is important.
Your insights are valuable, along with the contributions of the care team. Share the worksheets with healthcare providers, nurses, doctors, family, or friends involved in your loved one's care. They can add important details and suggestions.

Display for everyone to see.
When you finish, think about displaying the 6M Care Plan in a place where all caregivers can access it. This helps everyone understand what's most important to your loved one and how to keep them comfortable.

We suggest reviewing and updating the care plan periodically to ensure it continues to meet your loved one's needs and desires.

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